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Updated 2022-06-11

We're Back!

If you're here, you know Paragon City, The Rogue Isles and Praetoria are all back, live and kicking.

This is a simple update of the ten-year-old Heroica! site, done mainly to bring it into the modern era and easier to display on modern browsers and devices.

On the very slim chance you're looking for something on the old site, you can find it here.

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This is basically a one-page website but the number of items has gotten long enough that some visitors report problems finding things. So here's a quick TOC, expecially for those visiting on tiny mobile screens:

The CoH/CoV Technical Reference Guide

Gunner's Advanced Basic Bindfile (GABB)

Gunner's BadgeDRADIS

Gunner's Macro Management system

Gunner's Guide to Modern Teleport Powers

GSNOTTY CoX Newcomer's Guide

Gunner's Way-Cool Bind List

City of Zeroes is back!

Some oldsters might remember our very own webcomic, City of Zeroes, which chronicled the lives of two hapless citizens as they battled villiains and heroes alike. The artist stopped about a year before Live went down, and the 'toon completely disappeared from the web. Completely.

But I tracked him down and he was good to have me put it all back up... so here it is! Visit and bookmark! Note that the site has been moved... so update any old bookmarks, too!

CoZ logo

Info, Downloads & More

All the good stuff, now organized into one simple list.

The CoX Technical Reference Guide

= Get The Guide! =


v3.25, 11 Jun 2022 · Check often for updates!

PDF, 146 pages, about 700k

What's new in this rev? Even More Slash Commands!

Gunner's Advanced Basic Bindfile - GABB

A completely revised user interface/bind set for gameplay in 2021, not 2007!

= GABB Reference Manual =

v1.25a, 27 March 2021 · Occasionally updated

PDF, 25 pages, about 200k

= GABB Bindfile set =

ZIP file, about 3k

Gunner's BadgeDRADIS

The ultimate badge-hunter's tool!

New! BadgeDRADIS loads convenient popmenus that put a thumbtack on any exploration badge in any zone or shard. Just a bit tricky to install unless you're comfortable poking files into the game folders, but trivial to use for all your alts once it's there. Full installation instructions included in download archive or available separately.

Download the ZIP file, unpack it somewhere convenient, and follow the installation/use/read-me file.

Get == BadgeDRADIS ==!

v2.0.0, ZIP file, about 175k

BadgeDRADIS User Guide(included in above!)

PDF, about 160k

Gunner's Macro Management system

Store, load, save and share macros easily!

This simple system uses temporary keybinds to let you load macros to an alt, and makes them a managed resource much like keybinds.

Download the short guide and associated text file — that's all you need!.

== Gunner's Macro Management (guide) ==!

v1.0.0, PDF, about 100k

Don't forget the companion text file!

TXT, about 1k

Gunner's Guide to Modern Teleport Powers (post-I27)

Figuring out all the TP powers and how to use them.

Two locations: a page here and a live posting on the Homecoming Forum. I will try to keep them in sync but the online version has feedback and more frequent updates.

Go to the Teleport== PAGE == here.

Go to the Teleport== FORUM POST == here.

Gunner's Stuff No One Thought to Tell You (GSNOTTY) List

Tips, Tricks and Hidden Stuff That's Right in Front of You!
(Novices and returning gamers... your answers are in here.)

Go to the= GSNOTTY List =Page

HTML, 1 page of infinite length. Bookmark it.

Gunner's Way-Cool Bind List

Make those keys do your bidding!

Go to the= Way-Cool Binds List =Page

HTML, 1 page of infinite length. Bookmark it.

Powerset Icon List

An extremely long list of the power-tray icon names you can use with the /macro_image command, along with an image of every tray icon!

Massive thanks to all who compiled this list,
and to Whisperkill for pointing it out to me!

= CoX Icon Name List with Icon Images! =

Google Sheets spreadsheet out there in the cloud — real, real big.

Controller Button Mapping

Probably obsolete with the new controller support coming in Issue 27. Stay tuned.

Have a game controller like an Xbox or DS4? CoX is not very controller-friendly, but with some work you might be able to map yours to an acceptable control scheme. The starting point is to figure out how the game's default “joystick” key names map to your controller. These two files can help.

Save your bindfile. Load the "Load" file. Park somewhere far from other players, like your base, and a Local say will identify each button you push. Make a note. To remove ALL controller binds from a file, load the "Clear" file, then save and reload your bindfile. There's more about this in the Guide.

PC Game Controller Mapping File Set

Controller Mapping file set

ZIP file, about 1k

News from Paragon City

Looking for an SG with all the base features, optimized for the mostly-solo crowd, and with a genuine guru as leader? (He's modest, too.) Ping for an invite to Gunner's Mates on Excelsior.

The Future?

I know there are tons of references and resources for the game, old and new, but I hope to have good reason to keep expanding this site. Feedback and suggestions very much appreciated!


I'd love to hear from any renewed player for any reason, on the net or in the game. You can find me at:

See you there... or Redside, Blueside or Goldside in the game!

— ’Gunner Lives!